HBS "Spreads the Love" this Valentine's Day for ALS

Over 200 HBS students came out to spread the love at the SA’s Valentine’s Day party at Gypsy Bar in downtown Boston. Singles and couples alike gathered for a fun night of drinks and dancing to raise money for ALS research.

Inspired by Avi Kremer’s (OI) determination to find a cure for the disease that also afflicts him, the night was a resounding success raising nearly $4,000. With a generous dollar-for-dollar match by first-year LEAD professor and Project ALS Chairman Rob Kaplan, the event will yield $8,000 for the Harvard Center for Neurodegeneration and Repair.

The HCNR project was recently launched by Harvard Medical School to map the genomics of ALS patients. Upon completion, the project will profoundly accelerate research for treatment of the disease. For more information about this research, please visit: //www.hcnr.med.harvard.edu/visitorInfo/als_hbs.php

Thanks to generous donations from the Ritz Carlton, Red Envelope, the Student Association, and Gypsy Bar, several people did not go home empty-handed. The biggest prize of the night, a hotel room at the Ritz Carlton, went to Winn Everhart (OH). Viviana Salinas (OI) won tickets to Brown Sugar and Brian Osias (OE) snagged tickets to Newport Ball. But the true winner of the night was Avi Kremer, who knew that each dollar raised brought him another dollar closer to a cure.

When asked about the event, Kremer responded, “The Valentine’s party reinvigorated our fight against ALS because it exposed many new people to our cause. I am deeply grateful for everyone who contributed and look forward to working together to reach our goal of (raising) $200,000.”

Over the last twelve months, OI has spearheaded several efforts to raise money for ALS research and spread awareness of the debilitating disease. In addition to these efforts, last year eight of the remaining nine EC sections supported the cause through spring charity auctions. OI would like to thank the HBS community for its unwavering support.

For questions about ALS and ongoing fundraising efforts or to make a donation, please contact Amy Yamner (ayamner@mba2006.hbs.edu) or Becky Dalton (rdalton@mba2006.hbs.edu).