HBS Soccer Team Comes Away with Two Close Ties in Season Opener

The HBS Soccer team comes away with two close ties in season-opening games against Harvard Law School and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

This year’s HBS soccer club got off to a fast start with back-to-back games on Sunday, September 24. Both games were hotly contested, with HBS running on a thin bench during both matches. Tom Hildrum (the “iron-man”), co-president of the soccer club, led the team from the field in both matches, scoffing at the idea of rest and preferring to lead by example than rest on the sidelines.

The first game, against Harvard Law School, was evenly matched throughout, with Kevin Yttre (ND) admirably working the back line as HBS maintained good ball possession but found its goalbound attempts thwarted.

The second game could have gone one way or the other. HBS was put in the lead early in the first half by Leo McAfee (OF), but GSAS came back with a penalty kick equalizer. The second half went the other way, with GSAS quickly up 2-1, until HBS equalized with only six minutes to spare.

The team, with its impressive new talent from the RC year, shows promise for an exciting season, especially the upcoming tour of Yale, just a week away.