HBS Community Lends a Helping Hand for Thanksgiving

Harvard Business School Partner’s Club and Women’s Student Association provided fifteen local families with dinner for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is a holiday rich in tradition and heritage, and at this time of year, families from all walks of life get together to give thanks for their blessings and enjoy a meal with all the trimmings. But for people in crisis or with limited means, it can be a time of stress, sorrow, and even hunger. It is at this bountiful time of year, that those of us who are more fortunate should be charged to lend a helping hand to those within the community who need it most.

During the month of November, the Harvard Business School Partner’s Club and Women’s Student Association hosted a donation drive to help 15 Cambridge area families who lack the means to buy and prepare their own Thanksgiving dinners.

With all the other worthy charitable causes at this time of year, there was a concern that the money raised would not be enough to feed the 15 families. However, the fundraising team was astounded when one student and partner (who wish to remain anonymous) donated $500 to help feed people in the community.

A remarkable level of support was also forthcoming from students, partners, faculty and staff within the HBS community. Students from various sections organized unique fundraising initiatives which demonstrated, once again, the type of people enrolled at HBS-compassionate, giving and kind.

Coupled with the generosity of the HBS community, the following local organizations graciously contributed to the success of the basket project: General Mills, Iparty, Shaws, and the Yankee Candle Company.

Fifteen families sat around their dinner table this holiday season and gave thanks to the HBS community-and what a wonderful community it is!