Food Review – Best Brick Oven Pizza in Cambridge

This cozy modern pizza place offers traditional dishes with inventive ingredients at a great price. The restaurant offers simple fun and an upbeat crowd in both the bar & restaurant tables, and invites everyone from the executive to the student to come in and have a meal.

The pizza menu includes a choice of either full or half pizzas made with an extra-thin crust. You can find everything from the classic tomato & fontina pizza to an exotic grilled steak & cherry tomatoes or gorgonzola & arugula pizza. I personally recommend the Bolognese meat sauce pizza or the chevre pizza (ask for tomato sauce as it is not included in all pizzas served).

If you are looking for a no-carb or lighter option, Cambridge 1 also offers a wide variety of salad offerings. I would recommend the baby arugula salad or for those who wish to try something new, the Bresaola salad is an Italian cured meat carpaccio topped with arugula leaves. Cambridge 1 offers the best I have tried in the US.

Complete your meal with a bottle of wine from a great selection of reds & whites at moderate prices (bottle $22-$38). For a special occasion ask for the Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne ($58).

Cambridge 1
27 Church Street, Harvard Square

For dessert, unless you are a Tiramisu Ice Cream lover, I recommend heading over to the chocolate lover’s paradise, Finale. Finish your evening with a hot chocolate or chocolate molten cake.

30 Dunster Street, Harvard Square