CEO of MaAfrika Tikkun to Speak at HBS on Effective Development in South Africa and Successful Strategies for Creating Impact

If you have ever left an HBS class feeling like you wished there was something more you could do about the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, the need for accessible and effective education in the developing world, or the growth of poverty and increasingly skewed wealth distribution patterns-you’ll want to hear what Marc Lubner has to say.

Marc graduated from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business 20 years ago, and began his career in private equity and consulting in South Africa. He now concentrates on implementing sustainable change in South Africa through the MaAfrika Tikkun organization.

MaAfrika Tikkun was created 12 years ago with a mission to “make a difference in the lives of those people disadvantaged firstly by apartheid and poverty and subsequently the impact of HIV/AIDS.” They are working to transform communities into empowered and sustainable living environments. Support for the organization is strong-Nelson Mandela is one of their chief patrons-and since Marc has taken over, MaAfrika Tikkun has won multiple awards, including the “Mail and Guardian – Best NGO for 2005 and 2006.”

During his discussion, Marc will address how successful business practices can be transferred to the non-profit sector. Through sharing his personal experiences and the specific techniques they have applied through MaAfrika Tikkun to effect sustainable change in Africa, students will learn how to apply an integrative approach to effectively make a difference in the lives of children, youth, the elderly, and communities in general. Tackling large, complex issues, like HIV/AIDS, may seem daunting, but Marc will share how their organization has approached it and what we can learn from their successes.

The event is being sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club, International Business & Development Club, Jewish Student Association and the African Business Club and will take place on Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 5:30 p.m. in Hawes 101. A cocktail reception with food and drinks will take place following the talk, allowing students to have more informal discussions with the CEO. Please fill out the following poll if you are interested in attending: //

More About MaAfrika Tikkun & Marc Lubner:
MaAfrika Tikkun, a South African NGO started in 1994 as a Jewish led initiative with the goal of community upliftment for impoverished areas within South African townships. Since then, MaAfrika Tikkun has grown into a structured and defined organization with a bottom up approach in each of its programs throughout townships in the Western Cape and Gauteng. These programs aid those affected and/or effected by HIV/AIDS-providing education and life skills for children, nutritious meals, nursing and care for the sick and elderly and most importantly, building kitchens, community centers and growing gardens which creates ownership for individuals in these areas.

In July 2005, Marc Lubner, whose father founded MaAfrika Tikkun, became the CEO, with the goal of increasing fundraising nationally and internationally as well as continuing to implement programs that create better lives for the underprivileged of South Africa. Marc received his MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Business in 1986 and since has worked for a variety of private and public South African companies-particularly in a marketing and project implementation capacity.

Throughout his career, Marc has believed that individuals, corporations and governments should have a sense of philanthropy towards their communities. By giving back, either by funding or volunteering, one creates effective philanthropy which helps individuals and communities into becoming the next generation of leaders, educators and caregivers.