Barbarians Defeat Old Boys 34-17

Boston, Massachusetts – In a battle that has favored the alums for the last two years, the Barbarians came out and attacked from the get go. Led by Owen “Linebacker” Stockdale, Scott “Baio” Pasquini (OF), Sam “He Man” Gray (OI), and Rafa “Piebe De Oro” Soto (NF), the Ruggers were able to take advantage of their fitness over the Old Boys and won handily 34-17. The scoring occurred early and often as bruisers Craig “New York” Canton and Pasquini scored tries as well as speedy backs Jeff “Inside” Miller and Liam “Wheels” Patrick (NC).

The Old Boys game is an annual event where past HBS ruggers come to play against today’s ruggers. Some recent grads in attendance included Tim Keller (’05) and Jay Klug (’05). Older grads included Robert Mast (’82, OF) and Michael Rush(’88, AMP). Grads dating back to the early 70s were in attendance and playing. The Old Boys were impressive with players over 50 years old on the pitch making tackles and “giving it to the young bucks” as they at times pummeled the forward line. Even with a friendly attitude going in, the sport of rugby creates tensions and disdain and that showed on Saturday. However, after the game the teams shared beers and continued a tradition that has lasted over 40 years.

October 23, 2006
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