2006 Intramural Basketball Madness has an Exciting End

After an extremely competitive regular season and playoffs, the HBS Intramural Basketball Season Championships were held last week.

The season began in January and saw over 340 total games played. HBS competitors battled it out on the hard courts of Shad for the right to be called “HBS Champions.” The players took this season very seriously, illustrated by the work ethic of Charles Philp (OD).

“Whenever I told people I was going to Shad to work on my ‘form’ they probably assumed I was getting ready for the beaches of Spring Break,” Philp said. “While I did manage to slip in a few crunches and biceps curls, I was more focused on perfecting my shooting touch.” A similar dedication was shown throughout the league, making the season very exciting.

In two very competitive championship games last week, OD prevailed over Staff in the A-league, while NF edged out OD in the B-league. See the brackets below for a full recap of the playoffs.

HBS, EC Champions: OD
Staff/RC Champions: Staff

HBS, RC Champions: NF
EC Champions: OD