There's No Place Like Home: A Review of The Wizard of Hawes

This year’s HBS Show, two hours packed with singing, dancing and drama, wowed the crowds of fellow students and teachers. Each night the show was customized to include shout-outs to the students and professors that were in attendance. And the individual sections did not disappoint (at least the night that I attended), with most bringing signs and sporting cool section T’s to cheer on and support the cast members.

We’re not in Kansas anymore….At least that’s what the title of this year’s HBS Show suggests. The show begins with a scene from Spangler lawn. We are all too familiar with that time in September, when everyone was shiny and new, dressing to impress, and playing it cool. The characters were picked from the HBS stereotypes: Anita Richman, Dia Prentice, Clara Fication, and Justin Thyme. Of course, what would be an HBS show without Dean Kim Clark and his entourage headed by Associate Dean Kester. Portrayed as both evil, vain, lovable, and witty – the two Dean’s probably got the most flack. But with the cloak and daggers of secrecy that surrounds HBS, it’s a very innocent way to get in a couple of laughs and make fun of the institution that we all know and love.

After experiencing the fun of “hell week”, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the Chicago Reenactment – HBS Style – with the recruiters from GE, Microsoft, Goldman, and others vying for the students’ attention. Choreographed by Becky Ward (Wife of NE’s Ward Bullard), the recruiters each had a chance to strut their stuff for the companies that they represented. The Are You Ready for a Miracle scene, in which Rebecca Garrison Greenawalt (OG) portrays a miracle worker for Dean Clark, got the students up out of their seats, clapping to the beat with her strong vocals. Another scene that left a lasting impression was the ballet “reenactment” of the first act. It takes a strong man to leap around the stage in black tights…and I commend Michael Lester (NG) for his…. ummm….well….bravery.

In all, the writing was spectacular (where have all those writers been while we have been searching for people to contribute to the Harbus?), the music was right-on, the drama so true to HBS, and the dancing kept us all heavily engrossed in the show.

What I think is most incredible, is the time and effort that the cast and creative team put into this project, which made the HBS Show a true success. While most of us have our offer letters tucked neatly away in our desks and minds (read: we don’t do much anymore), the cast and team of The Wizard of Hawes have been rehearsing with all their heart to entertain us this week. So to them I say, Bravo! It was well worth the $28.

April 25, 2005
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