The Lobster Tricks

How to Eat a Lobster

We’re not sure who first tried eating a lobster, and certainly can’t imagine what they were thinking. These crustaceans are ugly, have big pinchers and are the only food we know of that is served to adults with a bib. Nevertheless, if you decide that the tender, succulent lobster meat is worth the effort and mess, follow these tips to get your own reward.

The Method:

1. Holding the lobster body, twist off the big claws one at a time. Separate the claws at the joints and use a cracker to break open the shell and get at the meat inside.

2. Break off the little legs. These contain bits of meat that can be squeezed out in whatever manner works best.

3. Carefully twist the tail off of the body. Snap off the small tail flippers – use a fork to pick out any meat. Next, using a fork or cracker, extract the delicious meat from the tail.

4. Now you’re left with the body. This part can be kind of gross. The green stuff is called tomalley and any red stuff you might find is the roe or eggs. Some consider these to be a delicacy but we’ll pass, thank you very much. There is still some tasty meat left in the body, especially where the little legs were attached, but you have to work to get at it.

5. Clean up thoroughly – you’ll be messy.

Outsource – order your lobster “lazy-man” style where all the work is done for you. Or get the steak.

October 3, 2005
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