Spring Break Adventures: Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Asked to describe what comes to mind when talking about spring break, most would think back to their college days. Cancun and Senor Frogs, Girls Gone Wild Acapulco.

No doubt, many of the 25+ RCs who landed in the Caribbean had visions of college glory days dancing in their head. In reality, though, it was a very different type of vacation. There’s a reason that University of Texas Pi-Phi’s rarely charter a boat and go sailing for spring break.

Sailing is a lot of work. To the uninitiated, it seems easy – motor out of the harbor, let loose the sails, steering on auto-pilot and we’re cruising. The reality is that the wind is always changing, and never blowing you directly towards your intended destination, forcing one to make constant adjustments on the boat. And yet, there is a certain satisfaction in pulling into a harbor in the late afternoon after a day spent navigating the open seas by sail.

Hands still burning from the sheet lines, shoulders still aching from operating a winch and crank, those first 5 painkillers seemed to taste a little sweeter after a hard days work.

Most islands had a beachfront restaurant/bar wafting scents of grilled fish and beef jerk out over the water, with a Rasta man cover band playing old time Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffett classics. Late night, HBSers rocked Foxy’s Tamarind Bar, Bomba’s Surfside Shack and Schooner Willie T’s, before regrouping on the boat for after-hours and recap of the day’s exploits.