Semester in Review: A Spring Packed with HBS Sports

After the winter holidays, HBS’s sports season started with ND’s sweeping defeat of OF in the opening week of the HBS intramural basketball tournament and came to a close with Billy “Mac the Knife” McMorran’s (NG) spectacular result in the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago.

Between these two milestone events, HBS’s many talented athletes showed off their talents in the many intramural competitions at HBS as well as on tour across the country. The Harbus has ploughed through the national press for the highlights. However, when you read about all these impressive athletic feats, do not forget that the most exciting “sporting” event of the year at HBS will take place on Wednesday-the Section Olympics!

Despite falling behind early, ND recovered to beat a shorthanded OF team 55-38 for its first win of the season. Dozens of NuDee faithful showed up to support the pre-season favorites as they kicked off their season on Court 3 in Shad Hall Gymnasium.

Over 30 members of the HBS Ski and Snowboard Club traveled to Hanover, NH, to compete in Tuck’s 20th Annual Winter Carnival, an event that drew 13 other business schools, 30 ski teams, and over 250 individual participants. Not only HBS skiers were present at the event. The rock stars of Default Risk, NH’s own band, made all the girls in the crowd go wild.

Hordes of MBAs descended upon Duke University during the second weekend of April for the World MBA Rugby Championships. Some sported cowboy hats, others berets. The tastes of the individual teams differed, but all shared a dogged determination to bring back the championship cup to their respective campuses. HBS made it to the playoffs, but lost in the quarterfinals.

In an impressive show of cardiovascular fitness, Billy “Mac the Knife” McMorran (NG) took home the coveted HBS Boston Marathon title. Holding off second place finisher Dan “My Daddy’s Wearing the Pants Today” Hang (NG), McMorran completed the marathon in only 2 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

The MBA Golf Challenge was created as the first intercontinental sports event between ten leading European and US business schools. This spring, the MBA Gold Challenge was held on U.S. soil after an extremely successful debut in Barcelona, Spain, last year. The U.S. dominated the Europeans in the tournament. Leading the charge were HBS’s heroes Felipe Dawes (OA), Justin Crandall (OA), Kevin White (NE) and Ryan Perry (OE).

The HBS Rugby team traveled to San Diego only to dominate the opposition in a series of preseason warm-up matches.

May 9, 2005
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