Relationships Have Ups, Downs for RC's

At times the journey at HBS proves difficult for those with or without relationships outside of the classroom. The rigorous curriculum and social schedule make for a tough balancing act for those with partners, yet can prove to fruitful for those looking for love within the halls of HBS (and even outside). The Harbus asked RC’s what their experience has been with relationships now that their first year will soon come to a close.
Question: What was your relationship status to begin the year, and how did it end up?

Number of responses: 401

A. Married, still together – 26.9%

B. Married, not still together – 1.0%

C. Dating outside HBS, still together – 30.2%

D. Dating outside HBS, not still together – 7.5%

E. Single, currently dating someone outside HBS – 6.2%

F. Single, currently dating someone from HBS – 8.5%

G. Still single – 19.7%