NG B Team Shoots for the Record Books: Takes 3 of Last 4 Halves with 25-17 Win Over OA

In a game marked by yet another altercation, the Section G B team continued their winning ways, routing OA 25-17 in the second half. Building on their win over NH in their previous game, NG has now won 3 of its last 4 halves of basketball.

“Things are really coming together,” said Jason “If Brains Were Calculators, Mine Would Work In Reverse Polish” Giordano. “We’re now on pace to win 6 of our next 8 halves.”

Aaron “What’s The Harbus?” Montgomery opened the scoring in the second half with a pair of jumpers to open up a quick 4-0 second half lead. Montgomery was supported by the strong outside shooting of Clay “They Started It” Cowan and tough inside rebounding from Bernard “Don’t Make Me Mad” (see below) Parker, who led all players with 23 fantasy points in the second half.

The game also marked a switch in defensive philosophy for the G-Unit. Burned by the outside shooting of OA in the half-that-shall-not-be-mentioned, NG replaced their 2-3 zone with a 3-2 zone. Confusing opponents and defensive players alike, OA made consecutive 3-pointers to narrow NG’s second half lead to 2 points. NG switched defenses once again, this time to a man defense, and the second half rout was on.

“The switch to man defense was crucial,” said Otey “I’ll Steal Your Watch Next” Smith, whose two late steals helped to seal the second half victory for NG.

“I’m just wondering why the team didn’t switch to a man sooner,” said (asked?) noted commentator Scott “Wormdeck Sucks” Borenstein, who extended his 47-class speaking streak on Tuesday. “Isn’t it that an earlier switch could have led to better results?”

For the third straight game, NG found itself in a scuffle with their opponents. Tensions ran high as the referee allowed players from both teams to take vicious swipes with their elbows and throw hard body checks underneath the basket. Time and again, however, where there was an OA player strewn on the ground, Bernard “I’ll Take You Down, I’ll Take You Down To Chinatown” Parker was close by, as OA’s post players were continually rebuffed in their cheap attempts to slow the Parker low-post juggernaut. Surprisingly, Clay “Kermit” Cowan acted as peacekeeper. These efforts were unsuccessful; however, as rising tensions stopped the game with time remaining on the clock, the second time in NG’s last three games this has occurred.

“There was great intensity in the game,” said David “I Always Wanted To Be The NG-B Beat Writer” Cho. “You could tell that both teams desperately wanted to take the second half.”

“To Dave’s point,” added Alma “I’m Still The Enforcer” Mathias, “You can’t say enough about the heart on this team. It just never stops fighting.”

New-comer Shane “Texas” Holdaway best captured the moment when he said, “There’s no better rivalry than NG versus, well, anybody.”

In other news, NG fell 28-6 in the first half of their game against OA.
NG Team Members are: Aaron Montgomery, Alma Mathias, Bernard Parker, Clay Cowan, Dave Cho, Jason Giordano, Shane Holdaway and Otey Smith.

March 7, 2005
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