ND Bests OC, 51-32

On Monday afternoon, the NuDies continued their implacable march towards the HBS Intramural Basketball title with a thrilling 51-32 victory against OC. The win did not come easy. Old Section C came out running and quickly scored the first six points of the game. After a timeout, which included a chair-throwing tirade by El Capitano Cas “The Bulge” Schneller, our heroes soon regained their composure.

Dominating the boards on both offense and defense and showing us some impressive moves in the paint, Charles “Straight Lace” Delacey earned Harbus player of the game honors – (as is customary for the Harbus, a scholarship in Charlie’s name will be offered to one member of his own high school class of 2008). Matt “Skip to My” Louie (recently awarded the American-Asian Association gold medal for his relentless efforts in promoting international understanding) sunk three consecutive 3-pointers, helping the NuDies to a comfortable 10 point lead.

In the second half, the Nudies turned up the heat with some fast break dunks from John “No You Didn’t” Kirkowski followed by some nice-looking lay-ups from “The Bulge” himself – both of which are certain to earn “Plays of the Game” honors by ESPN. On a sad note for the winners, Scott “Sloth” Spieth twisted his ankle during the game (at halftime in the locker-room) during a freak “stretching incident” that doesn’t need to be explained further. His departure is a cause of serious concern for both team-mates and bookies alike, who are seriously contemplating changing the odds for a title. Travis “Mad Rise” Merrill carried the team fro the remainder of the game, continuously driving at the opponents from any angle. Solid performances were put in by the David “Big Pern” Alpern who shocked the crowds with his magical three pointers and Nico “The Microwave” Iacuzzi, whose solid defensive display gave continuity to the squad.

With the intramural circus taking a break for Hell Week, the action will start again on Valentines Day – but make no mistake, the NuDies will have no ‘love to give’ on that day. Watch out!