Movie Review: Prime

Movie: Primeÿ
(Opens Nationwide October 28th)
Production Company: Universal Pictures
Director: Ben Younger
Actors: Bryan Greenberg, Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman
Prime is a rich character comedy centered on Rafi (Uma Thurman), a 37-yr old successful female Manhattanite, and Dave (Bryan Greenberg), a 23-yr old painter of hidden proportions from Brooklyn.ÿ Part counselor and part protective Jewish mother, Rafi’s therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep) is helping Rafi conquer her recent post-divorce slump.ÿ Although doubtful Rafi’s new fling (initially, an unnamed 27-yr old male) is an appropriate long term partner, Lisa encourages her patient to enjoy it and have fun without concern for commitment.ÿ What starts out as mere fun quickly grows into real love.ÿ However, once Lisa discovers accidentally that Rafi’s new boyfriend is actually her son, Dave (Rafi had lied about Dave’s age to feel less guilty about the true 14 year difference), she finds it increasingly difficult to be the ethical devoted therapist while hearing intimate details of her son’s love life (and even admiration for his genitalia!).ÿ Once the secret is out, the couple is thrust into the center of a comical chaotic swirlÿof clashing cultures, civil disagreement, and ticking biological clocks.

Meryl gives a superb performance of an emotionally complex character encountering an unexpectedÿrite of passage as a mother of a now adult son.ÿ Uma portrays a “Sex and the City” femaleÿbut with far greater realism than the sitcom itself ever allowed.ÿ Bryan is newcomer who did a fine job considering his pairing with two top rate talents – too early to tell what is to become of him, but this is a good start.

Overall rating:ÿB
(slow to start, average dialogue, but enjoyable acting).