Looking Forward…

Welcome back! As the new Harbus sports editors, we wanted to give you a little taste of what to look for in these pages over the next few months.

Why Sports?
How many of your classmates did you see limping around campus last semester? Remember that EC who warned you about Shad-related injuries? For us first-year HBS novices, it all seemed a little bizarre. Sports at Harvard? That EC was right, though. All that warm cuddly stuff we heard coming in about no letter grades, the collaborative spirit, let’s all succeed together…yeah right. The crowd here at HBS is competitive, in case you forgot. And unfortunately the case study environment doesn’t always provide the forum to vent all those latent competitive urges.

People take things out on the court and on the playing field. Add in a little section rivalry with a bunch of late twenty-somethings who still think they’re eighteen and you have a feisty, explosive mix. A favorite story of ours from the fall semester was Adey Delbridge (NJ) shattering his finger during a hotly contested intramural football game, shaking it off, and continuing to play. Afterwards, with that big ole cast on his hand we couldn’t help but think of an old ball coach: “Son, did you come to school to get an education or to play football!!??” Who says sports don’t matter?

Who We Are
We got roped into this sports editor job because we’re basically sports junkies ourselves. Both of us play on the rugby team, and actively participate in intramural sports. Classes, cover letters, company presentations? Sometimes you need to have a perspective on things and sports keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.

What to Look for Here
Continuing the upstanding, journalistic tradition of our forebears, Jamil Khan (OJ) and Joseph Tesvic (OC), we promise a lively discussion of all the sports that matter here on the HBS campus. Of course, Harbus sports articles tend to be heavily weighted toward the Rugby Football Team, and we promise to continue this tradition of unbiased journalism. But, we’re also interested in writing about the other 1% of HBS sports life that matters – Intramurals, the Shad scene and the smart money picks for March Madness.

Help, Please!
Send us anything and everything. Whether it be a re-cap of an intramural basketball game, your bracket-picking scientology, or pictures of boat-races at Bustop, we look forward to any and all contributions. Seriously, you’re going to get tired of hearing about the Rugby team’s domination every week and we’re not looking forward to really working that hard this semester, so email us directly ( and

January 18, 2005
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