Lime, Sugar, Cacha‡a: A Little Taste of Brazil at HBS

I don’t know about all of you, but I was definitely looking forward to this year’s International Week. It was Friday, the FRC midterm result was out, the learning team project was done, and our over-worked week was ending. In my traditional half-awake-8:35am-state-of-mind, I walked my usual path to Aldrich hall. It felt nice to walk into our J microcosm without needing to stop for watered down coffee. And, it felt especially good to hear and learn about foreign countries, instead of those last minute cold call preps on Acid Rain models. There are a handful of events during the course of the year in which you truly realize how global and diverse our community really is; International Week is definitely one of them.

A group of Brazilian students and Partners worked through days filled with planning, organizing and negotiating exhibits for our national table. We obtained materials from the Brazilian Tourism Office in New York, arranged for a capoiera performance, and most importantly – served countless caipirinhas at the food and drink festival. Last Friday’s event in Spangler was a breath of fresh and it definitely helped all of us to disengage from the HBS bubble and feel a little closer to home.

We hope everyone enjoyed our good luck ribbons and eco-tourism brochures. In true HBS fashion, the key take-aways are: soccer is a religion (not a sport), green and yellow are the rainbow’s prettiest colors, and samba is not the only dance we have for Carnaval. Stay tuned for next year’s International week, I hear the Gisele Bundchen will pay a visit as protagonist for a case on Havaianas.