La Sylphide – Boston Ballet

Enchanting and romantic, La Sylphide is a performance that shouldn’t be missed. As this piece is one of the oldest existing works in ballet repertoire, I was weary about what to expect. Not to worry, Boston Ballet’s Artist Director, Mikko Nissinen, has done a fantastic job updating this classic with elaborate sets, tailored costumes, and breathtaking choreography.

La Sylphide follows the story of a young Scotsman who leaves his fianc‚e on their wedding day to chase a seductive and mischievous sylph – one that he has only seen in his dreams. Along the way, the audience is introduced to an evil witch trying to settle scores with the young Scot, a hapless bachelor who vies for the fianc‚e’s attention, and a dozen maiden and footman who dance magically in the ballet corp.

The Ballet is a mix of two worlds: One is set in the traditional Scottish Highlands house where men leap flawlessly in kilts and women pirouette in colorful tea-length dresses. The second half is more traditional, and the star, La Sylphide, moves slowly and passionately through the forest, taunting the young Scot. The dancers’ costumes, more teacup than tutu, show off the fluid movements of the dancers.

The theater itself is worth the trip; The Wang Center for the Performing Arts is fresh from its 1992 restoration. With robust marble pillars and expensive crystal chandeliers, one can’t help but stare up and up to see where the money runs out. But it doesn’t: The ceiling is covered with gold-leaf and hand-painted murals.

Walking to the seats, the excitement begins to pick-up. The orchestra warms up and the patrons greet each other rapidly before the curtain rises. The performance is about to begin, and for $15 and a student ID, you can be there to witness it.

La Sylphide
Wang Theater
270 Tremont Street
March 10-13, 2005
Student rate available at box office the night of performance
For advance tickets: 800-447-7400

March 7, 2005
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