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The Killer Species that’s killing itself: (cretins who call imperative change “unrealistic”)
Humans in their infinite stupidity have determined that they are the master-race of the planet. They want to save the environment by killing off Nature and Fellow species so that ever more humans can “survive”. They make consumption more expensive so that they can demand more income to pay for it; in effect nothing humans have done has either decreased their numbers nor their insane destructive consumption. The global money supply explosion over the last 50 years speaks for itself. Only idiots cannot see this.
Consequently they are destroying everything that’s not human made; exterminating in the process all major Fellow Species and Natural Habitat.
No animal would be stupid enough to wipe out its life support system other than humans.
By converting all Natural Values into money humans have created a suicidal economic system whereby the more they destroy through consumption; i.e. economic growth – the greater the financial rewards of the destroyer and consequential increased valuation of the diminishing remains of Nature; i.e. Land/Water/Air which ironically produces the illusory profits/finance – as resources run out/become scarce and hence increase in cost – that increase and accelerate the process of destruction that ultimately will be killing off the humans themselves.
In a grotesque charade of financial acumen – humans “value” the most successful Nature and Fellow Species destroyers in ever higher monetary values on the stock markets in a gigantic wealth explosion that finances ever more of the same amongst those who control the destruction engines that expand their destruction activities in a limitless spiral that is ultimately self-destructive. Unlike ordinary animals who don’t have delusions of planet domination humans are so self-engrossed that they can’t see the madness of their over-proliferating/over-populating quantum impact.
Dividing the ever smaller resources amongst ever larger numbers of humans is creating an ever greater flood of money that accelerates the process of resource depletion thereby forcing the breeding of ever more consumers – who will be tomorrow’s victims – to prevent the self-inflating, churning bogus economy from collapsing.
In an insane process of global hongkongisation humans replace Nature and Fellow Species with infrastructure that causes all the problems including sickness, illness, diseases, injuries, poverty, accidents, insanity, addictions, infernal noise, crime, violence, nature and fellow species destruction which they combat with more infrastructure like a malignant cancer that cannot stop as long as there is something to attack and to destroy including itself. Cancers die with the bodies they attack.
The carbon fuel depletion will lead to a new nuclear overproliferation that will turn the planet into a radioactive waste dump because there is not sufficient land or water for wind turbines and solar panels to power 6500 million humans increasing at more than 80 million every year. Ever more humans cause heavy metal/plastic poisoned fish, agri-chemical/pesticide riddled food/water and polluted air yet they don’t have the brains to correlate the quantum of their over-population to that of their self-destruction. Most scientists work on tiny little samples in minute parameters and – unlike Einstein – cannot see or understand the global picture. Since Einstein’s death humans have more than doubled their numbers and more than quintupled their destructive quantum impact.
When they discover the odd speck of Nature so far left untouched they immediately promote it as a development opportunity under the global motto of:
This is how the humans have cretinised themselves to such an extent that the only sense they can make of their absurd global over-proliferation is by multiplying themselves in ever greater numbers believing that they are the only valid species on the planet and have a god given right to over-populate and exterminate all other species and destroy/pollute/poison their habitat which they call “wealth creation, progress, civilisation, freedom even peace”; (sustained by deliberate and successful government policy to keep humans ignorant)
that’s why they cannot even read or understand

April 19, 2005
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