I need a brainstormer

My daughter wrote a website(I helped with the safty issues) called There have been some copycat sites come up that are getting media attention from clear channel, public access and newspapers. They are only covering part of her concept. Another part in which she wanted to set up internet sales with her logos on t’s, backpacks, beachbags and stuffed animals to set up scholarship trusts for students who… at any rate it really is who you know.. this very bright 13 year old -well she had a fantastic idea… Now may have Dalilia(talk show) behind it and may have a computer savey behind it but they don’t have the intellegence and quality that this little girl put into it(I’m sorry teen-young lady) I was so hoping that this would not only help the world but would help her get into a college and perhaps have full tuition,fees etc. and maybe help the household ecconomy until I had to turn the buisiness part over to someone. My question is …as we are looking into a better way for the kids of our future, how can we help them so thatgreat works such as hers are truly protected from the power greed of our modern society-What happens to the trust and virtue of the upcoming generation if they are taken advantaged of-will the colleges loose the intellegence to cheats and thieves?

September 26, 2005
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