HBSers Pack OWA Common Rooms for Thursday's International Food & Drink Festival

International Week at HBS was celebrated in great style, quite evident by the colorful costumes and exotic cuisines from all corners of the globe. On Thursday during International Week, the common rooms of One Western Avenue and Soldiers Field Park were packed with HBSers-participants as well as visitors.

Entering this vibrant setting, one couldn’t help but feel confused about where to start! Food and drinks ranging from Israeli Falafel and Chinese Dumplings to Russian Vodka enthused the crowd as music filled the air to create a truly international feel. Many delicious food preparations, like ones from the Philippines, Korea, Poland, Central America, Egypt and Europe, were cooked by the participants and tasted similar to their home-cooked versions!

Adding to the festivities were the ethnic costumes of international students. The famous green and yellow Brazilian jersey, cane hats from Mexico, Qipao from China – and more – all enhanced the multi-cultural theme of the setting.

A special section at the festival also offered visitors a chance to get their name tags translated into Hebrew – thus adding one more language to their resume!

In the midst of all this activity, Brazilian samba and Middle-Eastern music echoed through the air and participants joined visitors in dancing the final moments away. The room was packed, and the enthusiasm within attracted everyone who passed by! People mingled with one other to create a warm atmosphere, and as everyone left this crescendo, one could not help but feel amazed at the variety and richness of cultures that is HBS.