HBS Student Able to Recall Oktoberfest Experience

One HBS Student that participated in Oktoberfest was miraculously able to recall his whereabouts throughout the festive weekend. Despite several consecutive days of heavy partying and drinking games – all concentrated to five adjacent picnic tables in a Munich park – Mr. Nils “Benny Hill” Benneman of Old D, a former motivational speaker and DARE officer, remembered every precious moment of his Oktoberfest experience.

Well known for preferring long walks on the lakeside to beer guzzling, Nils lead several groups of HBS Students on historic tours of his favorite German city. Excursions included a swim in the Olympic pool, bird watching near the Bavarian Lakes, a yodel-off at the Munchen Operahouse and several other stops around the city. “This town has so much to offer, so I thought a bird watching excursion and swim near the Bavarian Lakes would offer my fellow students a chance to discover other wonders besides the fine beer selection. It truly was the most magical, exhilarating Oktoberfest my parole officer has allowed me to have since the 2002 incident”.

The HBS Students accompanying Nils were equally passionate about their experience. “All I know was that Benny Hill here was supposed to lead us to the next beer garden,” commented one student who refused to be identified. Next thing I know, he’s taking his pants off and going for a swim. Man, I don’t know what happened to him in 2002, but that must have been a wild Oktoberfest.”

While Mr. Benneman’s will be remembered by generations of future classes, he is already looking at new excursions for the Fall 2006, where he will return to complete his fifth year at HBS.

October 11, 2005
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