HBS Spring Break 2005: Chronicles of Chaos!

Last week proved once again just how crazy HBS Spring Breakers could get without adult supervision and outside Cambridge jurisdiction. But while a many of your classmates will tell you stories about how exciting and exotic their adventures were in China, Morocco, Colombia, Brazil or on the Love Boat, don’t let them fool you – the real action was found elsewhere.

This Break, the Harbus went undercover to document the exploits of the craziest HBS partyers: Moonshine Steve Adams, Benny Nils Bennemann and the Doctor Scott Spieth – all of Section ND. Captured in the following Spring Break Diary and accompanying photos – and unfortunately including only the stuff legally suited for print – the chaos made MTV Spring Break seem like Bingo Night at the senior center. These individuals were the real heroes of HBS Spring Break 2005.

First Stop: Janesville, Wisconsin for the Jenga Qualifiers – March 20th – 23rd
Janesville, Wisconsin became my first stop and the site of the International Jenga Tournament. Jenga – a board game requiring fine-tuned skills of balance, some knowledge of architecture and a completely blank mind – is a spring break ritual in Janesville. Ranked seventh in the nation, New D section member Moonshine Adams proudly represented HBS in the round robin tournament. Steve talked to me about his professional history with the game: “I’ve been playing Jenga since I was in grade school, when my cousin Enos and I first started at Jiffy Lube. We used to make our own game pieces with redundant car parts back in those days.”

Mr. Adams, whose Jenga genius earned him the nickname the “Block King”, overcame incredible odds to place second in the field of five. Commenting on his impressive finish, Steve declared: “It was an exhausting week that took every ounce of my energy to stay focused. The parties, women, gambling, accusations of steroids – it never ended. Some people, like my wife, think people play Jenga for the glamour, but they don’t understand. I play Jenga because I love the game, the challenge, and because it gives me a reason to put down a six-pack.”

First place finishers Tom and Bubba Connelly – native Wisconsiners and Siamese twins – proved their leadership in a dramatic four hour playoff against Steve in the final round. Tom/Bubba reflected on his/their grudgematch with the King: “For awhile – probably about three and a half hours – the three of us just stared at each other. You could cut the pressure in the room with a knife. Being Siamese, however, we knew we had an advantage in that two heads are always better than one. But you can’t take away the importance of a hometown crowd. Our fans have been following us throughout our professional careers, and that’s what’s made this victory so sweet. Sorry Steve, it looks like the King became a Prince today.”

Up Next: On set in the British Virgin Islands – March 23rd – 25th
I followed my Wisconsin vacation with a visit to the Caribbean to meet Benny Bennemann, also an HBS Classmate. Mr. Benneman had flown directly to the set of Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest thriller, a German remake of the blockbuster movie, The Beach. Shown in the attached photo on location in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, the German heartthrob served as Leo’s body double in the movie for several dangerous scenes.

“In the German version, Leo gets eaten by sharks during several different parts of the movie. It was a little dangerous but the director told me that a real shark bite would make the movie more realistic. I should have been a little more skeptical but without my Negotiation cases, I wasn’t prepared with my BATNA. I also had a love scene with a German woman playing Virginie Ledoyen’s character in the original movie. Actually it was the German woman’s stunt double, which I am pretty sure was a man, but it was still incredible. What an awesome way to celebrate Spring Break!”

One Last Hurrah: Easter Sunday in Lancaster, Ohio – March 25th -27th
My last stop brought me to Lancaster, Ohio, where I caught up with Scott Spieth, also an HBS Spring Breaker. I found Scott on his parent’s family room couch, getting a suntan through the room’s beautiful Victorian bay windows. “This could be one of the best spring breaks ever”, Scott exclaimed while flipping channels. “I just got up to open the curtains and I’m now thinking about what sandwich to make for lunch. This is my spring break, and nothing is going to ruin it.” Unfortunately, at that moment, Scott’s mom started vacuuming, and kindly requested that we “get the hell out of her family room”.

The next day, I followed Scott to the site of Lancaster’s biggest spring break ‘party of the year’, an Easter Egg hunt at the community center. The Hunt, as it is known throughout town, brings all of the children, mothers and college dropouts together to a safe meeting place. Through his bunny costume and clearly on a sugar high, Scott could barely contain his excitement. “This is how we do Spring Break out here buddy – Egg Hunt 2005 – boo ya!!! Watch me do a beer with a Peep chaser!” The party went on until the wee hours of the afternoon.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for more of the scintillating details on the madness of HBS Spring Break, you’ll have to wait until next year. But don’t despair; the Harbus is already hard at work on the production of a showcase DVD: HBS Spring Break Gone Wid. Next year, and if you’re 18 or older, you won’t have to leave your home to experience the chaos.

April 4, 2005
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