HBS Social Season Kicks into High Gear

Many seasons are about to begin. If you have perused, you cannot avoid noticing all the American football previews for the college and pro teams. Or if you have had a moment to breathe between Crimson Greetings/classes/add-dropping, you’ve flipped on the television to find brand new episodes of your favorite shows (like Thursday’s OC premiere which many of us spent the summer awaiting).

I’d like to draw your attention to another season just getting underway: the HBS social season. As a member of the Student Association Social Committee (yes, I had to bribe my way on to it), I am in the unique position of knowing exactly what social activities are on the school-wide docket from here until June. So without further ado, a preview:

TGIFs (monthly from here on out):
This past Friday’s party out on Spangler lawn was just a taste of what’s to come at least once a month for the rest of the school year. This year we continue a long-standing HBS tradition of drinking, snacking, and socializing either out on the lawn or inside Spangler for no reason other than it is Friday. Different clubs will be sponsoring each TGIF, so expect Molson and poutine with fries from the Canadian Club, a cornucopia of Tex-Mex fair from the Texas Club, DJs, and live bands (including HBS’s own Default Risk).

Harvard v. Princeton Football Tailgate Party (10/22):
Some of you spent your college years at Big Ten or SEC schools and thus may be a little skeptical about the Ivy League’s ability to put on a good old-fashioned tailgate. Fear not. EC Dave Battle, who honed his tailgating skills at University of Georgia, is organizing a huge party for this year’s Harvard-Princeton game. For the ECs who remember (or only slightly remember) last year’s shindig put on by Dave and Winn Everhart, they know this is one event not to miss. There will be music, flip-cupping, great food…oh, and even a little football.

Halloween Party (10/29):
One thing to know about the HBS social scene: it does not lack for dress-up parties. So if you thought you could retire all your costumes and crazy clothes when you graduated college, you were sadly mistaken. But if you’ve already passed on all your best duds to a younger sibling, just make a pilgrimage to Garment District near MIT to find the perfect costume. Then board a bus from Spangler to a fun bar in downtown Boston to dance all night with your costumed friends.

Hollidazzle (12/9):
After dressing up in costumes, now you have a chance to just dress up. Formal wear abounds as you celebrate the end of the first semester with a sit-down dinner with your sectionmates followed by dancing with all 1800 of your closest HBS friends to live music at a hotel downtown. You will hardly believe how well everyone cleans up! Many HBSers point to this event as their favorite of the year.

Welcome Back Party (1/19):
After the longest winter vacation you have probably had in years, you will be missing your HBS brethren. You will have a chance to reunite and share tales from the holidays at a bar in downtown Boston.

Valentine’s Day Party (2/14):
February in Boston may be cold (let’s be honest, WILL be cold) but your hearts will be warmed this year with a big bash celebrating love.

Costume Party and Cruise (4/5):
There is no better way to kick-off spring than with a cruise around Boston Harbor. Well, actually there is a better way: a costume party on a cruise around the Boston Harbor. Last year’s theme was Austin Powers. Chest hair, big wigs, and gold lame outfits abounded. We promise an even more enticing theme this year.

Newport Ball (4/28 for ECs and 5/5 for RCs):
The end of the year offers yet another chance to get dressed up and see your classmates in their finest duds. The Newport Ball is a huge party, one for each class, in Newport, Rhode Island, at a beautiful hotel on the beach. The SA Social Committee is ensuring that this year this party is everything it can and should be. You can make a whole weekend getaway out of it and tour Newport’s famous mansions along the ocean.

Graduation Gala (6/6):
After nearly a month of traveling or nailing down that perfect job, ECs along with their friends and family will return to campus to say goodbye to the snacks at Spangler as well as the fancy locker rooms at Shad, and celebrate two great years at HBS.

Phew. There is going to be a ton to do! And remember, this is just a preview of official SA events. There will, of course, be a ton more activities organized by clubs, sections, etc. to put on your calendar.

When in doubt, just head to the Cambridge triangle – Grafton, Daedalus, and the Kong – where you’ll always find some HBSers during any month of the social season.

September 12, 2005
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