HBS Basketball Frenzy About to Begin

Outside it’s freezing. Inside Shad, several teams are warming up in preparation for this year’s HBS intramural basketball season. This afternoon, for example, sections NE and NI will battle it out in the first game of the season. We expect a lot of excitement over the coming twelve weeks as lanky former Division One ballers take on a wide assortment of basketball novices.

Many sections started practice early last fall in preparation for this season’s tournament. Garrett Lewis, Captain of NH, got himself in game shape by running on weekends and working out at least once a week. He’s looking forward to NH’s first game this evening. “NF should be an easy match”, he says, but you sense that he’s a bit worried about the favorites in ND. “Rumor has it ND has an awesome team,” he notes with some trepidation.

In addition to the fierce competition we can expect on the courts, many are looking forward to merely watching their less-athletic classmates try to take it to the rack and stick the 3-ball. Says Garret, “I’m can’t wait to see people with no basketball talent, like my section-mate Alex Michael. And it’ll be hilarious to watch the transformation of all-star soccer player Andy Kay (NH), as he steps onto the court for the first time in months.”
Who knows how these players will perform. Here at the Harbus, though, we have our own favorites.

Will The Harbus Pre-Season All-Stars live up to their top billing? We welcome any feedback on our pre-season all-star picks.

We’re also wondering what section will take home the trophy and the associated bragging rights that come with being the dominating basketball team on campus. Stay tuned for weekly updates as the HBS intramural basketball season progresses…

First week schedule:

A League
Mon., Jan. 24th TIME COURT TEAM 1 TEAM 2
3:30 pm 1 OE NG
3:30 pm 3 NE NI
4:30 pm 1 OG OI
4:30 pm 3 OF ND
5:30 pm 1 OB Staff
5:30 pm 3 OJ NC
6:30 pm 1 OD NB
6:30 pm 3 OC NA
7:30 pm 1 OA NJ
7:30 pm 3 NF NH

B League
Tues., Jan. 25th 3:30 pm 1 OE NG
3:30 pm 3 NE NI
4:30 pm 3 OF ND
5:30 pm 3 OJ NC
6:30 pm 3 OC NA
7:30 pm 1 OA NJ
7:30 pm 3 NF NH
8:30 pm 1 OG OI

January 24, 2005
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