First and foremost, welcome/welcome back to H-BS – I of course here mean the humor section of the Harbus, not the business school. Make no mistake, this is and will endure as the pinnacle of Harvard Business School literature. Since the inception of the Harbus in 1778, the humor section has made students of all schools laugh, cry and call home to their mothers. We believe it is our patriotic duty to continue this responsibility, and will never falter in restoring a sense of light-hearted balance to this chaotic campus. (1)

But in all seriousness, we hope you will enjoy the humor section and look forward to providing some refreshing entertainment this year. If you’re an EC like me- you’ve flown through the RC year, realizing that there have been some pretty amazing things that happen on this campus. Pretty soon it will be over for us, and we’ll be offering a standing ovation to the last professor of our last class – stealing glances around the room as if you were the old woman in the last scene of Titanic. So I’m here to tell you, in all my capacity as humor editor: to make the most of it and wherever, whenever, possible, find time to laugh at yourself and other people. It’s a key milestone in the time-honored traditions of the Harvard Business School.

And along the way, of course, make sure to write about it and send it to us. We really do enjoy documenting the idiosyncrasies of the HBS campus and encourage all of you to play a role.§ Embarrassing pictures, preferably not in hot tubs (2), are particularly useful in conveying the lingering sentiments of this power-point oriented business school.

(1) Rumors that the Humor Section is selling out to a Chinese division of Mad Magazine are unsubstantiated and will not be commented on until both parties determine an appropriate equity distribution and after a four month national security study by President Bush.
(2) My apologies to Old Section C as we’ve apparently exceeded the hot tub photo quota established by the FCC.

September 12, 2005
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