HBS and the SA help to Relieve, Rebuild and Recover after Hurricane Katrina

Over the past six weeks since Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the profusion of support for the victims of Katrina from the HBS community. It is truly amazing to see the amount of energy and passion that talented people can generate when working together for such a worthy cause. On behalf of the Student Association, we would like to thank the Administration, faculty and most of all, the students, who have come forward and led such an impressive charge to date.

The TGIF on Friday, September 16 had two stalls dedicated to collecting donations-one conducted by the HBS Volunteer Club / SA Hurricane Katrina Relief Team and the other, a lemonade stand set up by Brant Avondet and his lovely five-year-old daughter, Callie, who collectively raised approximately. $4,150 ($8,300 with the Harvard matching program). In addition, events such as the Onyx Party (AASU) and the Reach the Beach Celebration (Triathlon Club) also collected proceeds towards the cause. Several other clubs such as the Southeast Club are planning to have events throughout the semester that will contribute to the Katrina relief effort.

The SA has been working closely together with the administration to put into place a series of events throughout the semester that will aim to relieve, rebuild and recover the Gulf Coast region and assist the victims of Katrina. The relief proposal consists of four main activities that we will be implementing as a student body:

1) SA Kickoff event at Caprice/Underbar – Resulted in over 400 students contributing nearly $8,500 ($17,000 with the Harvard matching program) in donations to various charities last Wednesday. Bracelets were contributed by the Administration to those donors who contributed $5 or more than the suggested $20 contribution!

2) Section-Led Fundraising Competition – RC and EC students will join forces in a competition between HBS sections to raise funds. The cumulative amounts raised per section over the course of the semester will be available on the SA website.

3) Holiday Community Service – A Food Drive and an Adopt-an-Angel Toy Drive over the Thanksgiving period to the victims of Hurricane Katrina

4) Hurricane Katrina Relief Trip – HBS students will deliver toys collected from the Adopt-an-Angel Toy Drive to children, as well as rebuild homes in the Gulf Coast region.

While there are too many students to name in terms of their support and contribution, we would like to make a special mention to the following students for their work and dedication to the cause:

SA Hurricane Katrina Relief Team: Anthony D’Avella, Nikki Baker, Alex Bradford, Cassie Kearney, Andrea Selak, Aaron Michel, Gerardo Mendez, Jenna Walton and Charissa Lawrence

HBS Volunteers Club: Julie Bierman, Chris Osgood and Monica Haugen

In addition to the above activities, the SA will be working with the Administration, faculty and alumni to facilitate work, volunteer and research opportunities over the course of the academic year. We will keep you posted on these exciting opportunities as they develop!