HBS 3-on-3 Tournament Showcases Hoops Talent

HBS’ top basketball talent was out in full force October 21, to participate in HBS’ first annual 3-on-3 “Shad Scholar Championship.” The tournament, sponsored and organized by HBS’ Basketball Club, had a field of 13 teams, each of which brought their “A-Game” to the gym.
“Competition was insane,” said EC Bo Fishback (OA). “From the headbands to the high socks to the rap music echoing in the background, I knew from the minute I stepped into Shad my team was going to have to bring it.” Fishback’s team, with an average height of 7’0″, was a force to be reckoned with.

The tournament was structured as a three-game round-robin which fed into a single-elimination playoff consisting of eight teams. However, the tournament also seeded teams based on total points scored, won-lost record, and total points given up. As a result, teams spent a significant amount of time strategizing as to how to perform at the highest level while also conserving energy for the rigors of a one-day tournament.

“My team worked hard at balancing giving 110% with making sure we had enough fuel in the tank for the playoffs,” said Cas “the Bulge” Schneller (OD). “It was not easy, but we’re talking about a game, not practice, but a game.” The teams, which had some great names like “Hoosier Daddy,” “The 2-Inch Vertical,” and “Team Denmark,” represented players from across many sections. However, the award for greatest level of participation has to go to NC, which fielded three teams.

While all teams impressed tournament organizers, the finals consisted of two outstanding squads: “Bear Skin Rug” and “A Few Good Men.” Each team had former college basketball stars who decided to forgo lucrative basketball contracts in pursuit of higher learning at HBS. As such, the game was close throughout with “A Few Good Men” winning the final game.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment for a long, long time,” said Travis “Inspector Gadget” Merrill (OD) right after his team “A Few Good Men” won the game. “It’s everything it’s cracked up to be, and I’d like to give a shout out to my homeys in Indiana, my family, OD, and of course Uncle Gene.”