HBS 2004 Sports in Review

The 2004 fall sports season at HBS proved to be extremely successful and eventful. Between reading cases, stumbling home from the Kong in the early morning hours and worrying about jobs, we at HBS showed that it is possible to combine business with sports. Indeed, HBS can pride itself with many impressive athletic accomplishments. Not only on the treadmills in Shad. This past semester, HBS won multiple tournaments against other schools, battled at home for titles in intramural sports and, most importantly, had fun with sports. Below are some highlights from the fall “season” of HBS sports.

The HBS Rugby Team returned to Boston from the MBA USA rugby championship at Wharton undefeated. Not only was HBS undefeated, but the “Ruggers” did not concede a single point. The team’s heroic effort was led by co-captains Mike Butville (OB) and Oli “The Welsh Stallion” Thomas (OA).

In addition, the HBS Rugby Team won the 14th Annual Thunderbird MBA Rugby Tournament in Phoenix. With 233 points scored for and just 12 points scored against, HBS utterly dominated the competition, going undefeated in the team’s five games over two days. The team also destroyed McGill in their annual game in Montreal.

The HBS Soccer Team similarly dominated the 15th Yale Cup, winning all matches without conceding a single goal. According to co-captain Hendrick “the Kaiser” Almstadt (OJ), three things led to HBS’s success: “Discipline, discipline, and more discipline.” Midfielder Rafa Guida Masoni (OC) attributed the team’s success to the beauty of the HBS team’s partners: “Our opponents were so distracted by our wives and fianc‚es’ beauty that we were able to run right past them.” Whatever the truth, the team came home victorious and we are looking forward to more soccer triumphs in 2005.

These are but a few of the great triumphs of HBS sports last semester. We are eagerly looking forward to the coming year of sports at HBS

We welcome you all back to HBS after the holidays and look forward to sharing the coming successes of HBS sports with you in these pages every Monday.

January 18, 2005
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