Harvard MBA's held in Abeyance

I proudly hold a MBA degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (’90). I am dumbfounded that Harvard University School of Business has awarded a MBA degree to George W. Bush and Grover Norquist. I assume they completed the coursework satisfactorily. However, there thinking on taxation and the role of government is both immature and a historic. It should offend everybody that holds a MBA from Harvard as well as others like me who also hold the degree from other less known educational institutions.

I have never heard of an educational institution revoking a degree. Is it possible that you hold their degrees in abeyance until they recant their ridiculous and embarrassing financial and governmental philosophies? I really feel sympathy for your university. At least I didn’t have a MBA from an educational institution that awarded degrees to individuals such as these.

If not, can your school please submit a public apology for awarding an MBA to these two individuals?

Soon degrees from East Pigs Knuckle State U or Southwestern Oklahoma State University will be more valuable than one from the formerly renowned Harvard Business School.

Randall L. Smith, BS, MBA, CPA, CIA, CISA, OCP