For the Softer-Spoken: A Little Knock Will Do

What would we do without our section norms? One of the more debatable seems to be how to subtly (or not-so-subtly) tell that sectionmate of yours to turn it up a notch. Although knocking seems to be a fan favorite, the results are mixed. Let them know after class? Visibly communicate your disgust? Let it go and continue to read the Harbus behind your professor’s back? How do you go about it?

The Harbus asked HBSers the following question:

Question: Speak up! What’s your preferred method to get soft-spoken sectionmates to make their voices heard?

A. Let them know after class
B. Knock on your desk
C. Tell ’em to talk louder
D. Do nothing and deal with it
E. Boo and hiss

Number of responses: 216