EC's: This is Our Year

Class of ’06, let me be the first to say ‘welcome back’ on behalf of the Harbus editorial staff. Being away from campus and away from the Boston area made me miss all the things that really make this place special…like granola parfaits and a well-staffed army of round-the-clock campus groundskeepers. But honestly, it is great to be back for a final year at HBS and to see the friendly faces of classmates who made for a memorable first year.

We have plenty to be thankful for – in particular, the opportunity to finish our degree at a place like HBS, especially given some of the unfortunate events that have recently developed within our own nation’s borders, where opportunity of our sort has been buried under the rubble of the likes of Hurricane Katrina. It is truly a stark reminder that our time here should not be taken for granted.

Perhaps even a more vivid reminder of how precious our time here falls closer to home. Our very own Doug Scott (OJ) returned to campus this past week, but unfortunately his purpose was not to ready himself along with the rest of us for the first day of classes. Rather, his return to campus was a temporary one: to say goodbye to good friends before once-again reporting for duty to serve our country in the Middle East.

Doug will eventually return to get his degree, but I’m sure what he will miss most is being here to share the experiences that all of us will collectively share this upcoming year and being here to graduate with the Class of 2006.

So, as we all have already been reminded many times in the short time we’ve been back here, remember to make the most of the opportunity that surrounds you the next two semesters. And I hope you have a good time doing it. I have no doubt that the Class of ’06 will make it a fun year.

If nothing else, take advantage of getting back on your afternoon nap schedule and giving personal tours of Shad to out-of-town guests. It’s the little things that matter, but the little things will surely be gone before you know it.

Here’s to a great year and to us being able to capture some of the more important moments on the pages of the Harbus.


Adam Weber

September 12, 2005
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