EC Student Applies to 474th Job in Database – Sets Career Services Record

On Thursday morning, Michael Brookshire of Section OD became only the second person in HBS history to successfully submit applications to all jobs in the HBS Career database.

Defying all odds, Mr. Brookshire electronically ‘kicked the d-base,’ by submitting applications to 474 positions.

The incredible feat, which required tailoring cover letters and resumes to appropriately match the needs of each position, surpassed the previous 20-year-old mark of 452 submissions, set by Erik Peterson of the Class of 1985.

Mr. Peterson, a Yale graduate, at first had no comment but then hinted that Mr. Brookshire might have benefited from the use of more modern communication systems. “The bastard used the internet”, were the only comprehensible words spoken by Mr. Peterson before he hung up.

Mr. Brookshire demonstrated his many hats by applying to such jobs as the Harvard “MIT” Program (known more globally as the Executive Mascot-in-Training Executive Program), the much needed sushi chef in the Spangler cafeteria and the Dean of Harvard Business School.

“My parachute has many colors, my friend, and it’s time I pulled the cord”, recited an obviously elated Mr. Brookshire. “But make no mistake, kicking the d-base wasn’t easy. I mean, I didn’t want to recruiters to think I was just submitting applications. So I prepared a powerpoint deck for each company that came to Networking Night. It included the usual stuff you know the usual stuff: share price, P/E ratios, optimal tax strategies, hedging alternatives, short term currency exposures, inconsistencies in CAPM calculations – just in case it came up, of course.”

Looking ahead, Michael is excited about his prospects for a job offer, even if he is already contractually obligated to return to McKenzie after graduation. “I guess I just wanted to play it safe – and meet some people in the industry. Besides, it’s always nice to make some new friends. With the volatility in the market these days, and the fact that I haven’t come out of my dorm room in two months, you always want to take advantage of these social opportunities.” The drive and desire of Mr. Brookshire is truly humbling and we congratulate Michael on this fine achievement.

October 11, 2005
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