David Lauren Article 9/12/05

I am puzzled by David Lauren’s statement that the only Rugby store is in Boston….I was in a Rugby store in Charlottesville, VA, on 9/4/05….while I don’t know how long it had been open, it was evidently long enough that certain items had been marked down on sale….the employee buzz was that future sites included Chapel Hill and New York….oddly, they were uaware of the store in Boston…. I don’t think David was making a distinction between company- and franchsee-owned stores but, in any event, should have been aware of the store…..did your reporter get it wrong, or is David less involved than suggested?….I would be curious for you to ask him about this….incidentally,it’s an interesting concept/store, and my 18-year old son bought several pants (and created a wish-list for other items).
Westray Battle