Brain Teasers Are Least-Favorite Interview Type

Hell Week has come and gone for ECs as RCs start thinking about a time not too far into the future when they’ll have to face rapid fire of interviewers eager to evaluate, rank, analyze, and grade. Interviews can be painful at times, as we’re sure many ECs can attest. Ever felt like there was a defined moment during an interview when things started to go South? The Harbus found that the notorious brain teaser, a favorite of consulting interviewers, was the most likely to cause HBSers to squirm during their one-on-ones. What was your least-favorite interview type? ‘Feats of physical strength’ took the cake for this particular Harbus editor as vivid memories of arm-wrestling a larger-than-life McKinsey recruiter were top of mind.

The Harbus asked HBSers the following question:

What is your least-favorite type of interview?

A. Case Study
B. Behavioral
C. Skills Assessment
(e.g. tests, etc.)
D. Brain Teasers
E. Tests of Physical Strength

Number of responses: 327