Arts & Entertainment are Alive at HBS

For many of us, Boston is a new city – one that we will call home for the next two years. We come with big hopes of exploring downtown, taking in a great new exhibit at a Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and trying out some fine cuisine. And then the HBS social events kick in and we realize that we barely have time to finish unpacking our room.

But you shouldn’t worry; we all still have organization issues that we’ll carry through our HBS career (such as that box of photos that I swore I would go through and put into scrap books). What can’t wait are some of the amazing cultural experiences that Boston has to offer. Bars, restaurants, museums, concerts, day trips – the A&E section tries to inspire students at HBS to step outside of campus for some real life education.

If you have a great book review, send it in. Found a great dive for some cheap eats, we would love to hear about it. If you thought an exhibition at the Fogg Museum was exceptional; we want to print your review.

I’m calling on all RCs and ECs to pitch in to make this years A&E section a must-read in the Harbus!