Welcome Back

It sure is great to be back. I didn’t even leave Boston this summer, yet I felt as if I spent the last three months in an entirely different place than the one in which I lived for the past year. First of all, the return to the working world, albeit brief, was a poignant reminder of how blissful the life of an MBA student truly is. In eleven straight weeks, I had just one Friday off and that was only because of a national day of mourning. I had to be up before the sun in order to look professional, get to work at an acceptable hour (and as an intern I may have stretched the definition of acceptable) and down a cup or two of coffee before beginning the day (I was skeptical of Keurig’s prospects last semester in EM, but now I am a believer). I was not given a twenty minute break between meetings. I had no chance to nap in the afternoons. And on top of it all, after a long day of work I even had to plan all of my own social activities.
Without all of you, campus was also an entirely different place. Take Shad, for example. Not that I made it to Shad very often during its terribly inconvenient summer hours, but on the few mornings that I did rise to the occasion, I thought I had stumbled into the wrong place. At every turn, I ran into polo shirts tucked in to too-short shorts, socks pulled up halfway to the knee, and sparkling white tennis shoes (you might even say luminescent). Oh yes, the executives had taken over. Is this what we are to become? Be afraid, be very afraid.

There is something different and incredible about this place when it’s bursting at the seams with students and activity, from the hustle and bustle in Harvard Square to the nervous excitement of first year students gathering at Grafton’s. The energy is palpable; it’s hard not to get swept up in the activity and enthusiasm. For the fall, we at the Harbus plan to capture as much of this energy in our pages as possible. Look for more about your classmates – their unique experiences, accomplishments, and dreams. We’ll cover the political landscape, both in the U.S. and abroad, with special student coverage of the issues and outlook for the U.S. Presidential election in November. We will of course continue to supply you with regular doses of H-BS and Harbus Humor, certain to provide stress relief (or an excuse for procrastination). And in Sports, you might even find a piece or two about the widely acclaimed HBS Rugby Football Club.
Through the flurry of activity that the next few months are certain to bring, from new classes and friends to career and relationship decisions, we hope that you’ll take a moment to share with us what’s on your mind. We welcome your ideas and concerns, your praise and criticisms, and most of all, your contributions. Welcome back, HBS – I have certainly missed you!

Anne Ristau