The Year Ahead in Harbus Sports

The Short Answer
In short, we love sport. Playing it, watching it, talking about it, dreaming about it. So, as the Sports Editors in 2004, we promise you an absolute orgy of HBS, American and International sports writing and photography for the next 30 editions or so. Enjoy!

Some Details- Who We Are
Jamil Khan hails from Worthing in Sussex, England. His athletic prowess first came to light as a potent striker with the University of London soccer team. He now plays on the wing for the HBS rugby team. His other sporting interests include sailing, skiing, cycling and bare-back bull riding.

Aside from sports, he has been described as the thinking woman’s sex symbol and likes to read the inscrutable works of Proust and Derrida, in between cooking gourmet meals for his friends.

Joseph Tesvic hails from Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia. His first love is track, and he featured prominently as a middle-distance runner at the University of Sydney. He now plays flanker for the HBS rugby team. His other sporting interests include cricket, soccer and swimming. Aside from sports, he has been described as a renaissance man, and enjoys literature, post-structuralist architecture, and contemporary art, in between looking after the homeless and disabled in his various volunteer roles. Joseph has also single-handedly raised the awareness of HBS amongst the undergraduate female population of Boston. The quote of an anonymous Harvard arts undergrad sums up his fantastic contribution to this cause: “I never knew a HBS guy could be so sensitive, understanding and caring…”

Both have plenty of experience writing for university publications and a reputation for grossly abusing editorial privileges (see paragraphs above).

Some More Details- What You Can Expect This Year
We have three aims for our year as Sports Editors- variety, quality, and personality.

Variety refers to three things. First, we will be publishing articles in different formats. You will see reports (e.g. on Intervarsity Rugby and Hockey), interviews (e.g. with prominent HBS sports stars), essays (e.g. on the over-commercialism of sport) and much more. Next, we will cover a variety of sports on a variety of levels. So you might see the headline NC Smashes NE in Soccer Final juxtaposed with Marlins Take World Series. Finally, we hope to include a variety of authors from both the RC and EC classes.

Quality is a goal we have for all of our own articles and those of our valued contributors. We aspire to provide well-written sporting articles of general interest to the Harbus readership. We may not win any Pulitzer prizes, but our interviewers will ask insightful questions, our essayists will write provocative pieces, and our reporters will give you the color you rightly demand .

Lastly, personality means that the Sports section will never be dry. There will be liberal sprinklings of wit, jokes, and silly photography. This is because, as the aphorism goes, we should take sport and recreation regularly, not seriously. We think the same goes for sports writing.

Some Final Details- How You Can Get Involved
All year, we will be seeking contributions on section sports, intervarsity sports or general interest sporting events (e.g. the Superbowl). Feel free to e-mail us directly ( or or work through your Sports Directors and Harbus Reps. We look forward to reading and publishing your articles!