Shad Madness: First Annual HBS 3-on-3 Tournament

On April 4th, during the off day between the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four and the National Championship, the HBS Basketball Club hosted its first annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament for members of the HBS community at Shad. With 42 games packed into just over 5 hours (and without the inane commentary of Billy Packer), the 3 on 3 tournament felt a bit more like the first weekend of the NCAA tournament than the last. As such, the club’s moniker for the event – Shad Madness – seemed appropriate.

Less appropriate, however, were some of the participants’ team names: Toilet Flush? The Neo Boyz? Dirt Train? Making up for in talent what they lacked in creativity, over 80 participants crammed into Shad for a full day of basketball. The tournament was segmented into two self-selected divisions, based on level of prior experience. With nine teams, the “A” division showcased HBS’ top players and a few of us just trying to hang.

The “B” division gave every student with “basketball” listed as an interest on their classcard an opportunity to step on the court and prove it. By the end of the day, they had.

After advancing through round robin brackets and the division semifinals, Shad Madness had its Final Four. The Damn Yankees (Dave Tompkins, Chris Chang and Jason Phillips) faced Team JAB (James Hobson, Alex Thatcher, and Brad Stoltz) in the A Division Finals and Soft Touch Like Cotton (John Campbell, Joe Machado and Luke Johnson) faced OF (Jon Shumaker, Tolga Oguz and Scott Sadowsky) in the B Division Finals.

Exhausted after playing three to four games already throughout the day, all teams dug deep. With the day’s participants crowded around Court 1 for the finals, Chris Chang’s clutch jumpers (and subsequent chest bumps) and Joe Machado’s three-point arsenal propelled their teams to victory.

The Damn Yankees and Soft Touch Like Cotton walked away with the title CHAMPIONS (and a lousy t-shirt).

The event was a great success for the HBS Basketball Club, who wanted to give the HBS community “an opportunity to participate in something competitive.” Players were given a chance to relive the glory days or be reminded of why they are looking for desk jobs. Whatever the case, all participants enjoyed what Basketball Club officials already knew: a great reason to have come to HBS is the basketball.