Passing the Torch

As Henry Austin Dobson once wrote, “Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, time stays, we go.” As the inevitable graduation date slowly marches toward us and our first day of returning to the real world – you remember, its that place where Tuesday nights aren’t spent at Brother Jimmy’s until two in the morning and you are required to do more than just give a comment every three days – rapidly advances, we reflect on the fonder moments of HBS and pass the torch, handing over our editor duties to bright-eyed youngsters (read: RC’s) who will learn that Wednesday deadlines come much quicker than you would think. And so we will close with our top five entertaining activities from the past year. If you fail to do these activities, it doesn’t make you a bad person, just incredibly boring. It has been fun writing for you and we wish the new Harbus staff the best of luck next year!

1) Hollidazzle – By far the best event of the year. Hollidazzle is a great way to say goodbye to your sectionmate friends before Christmas break. Open bar – check. Better tasting dinner than Newport Ball: check. Although this event goes downhill between your RC & EC years, it remains a great way to hang out with sectionmates amongst a hypothetical infinite amount of beer. Percentage of HBS students that do a break-even analysis on the drinks: 78%.

2) Priscilla Ball – Nothing is better than an open bar mixed with men dressed in heels, unless its that moment when you realize that girl you’ve been checking out, well, isn’t. Plus, if the whole career thing doesn’t work out, a picture here is worth its weight in gold. If only we had been here to snap Dubya dressed in pearls instead of his customary ten gallon hat – I’m sure he’d pay loads of money not to look like an idiot.

3) Halloween – Make sure you bring your A-game on the costume though, as HBS students are ultra-competitive with everything. However, October 2005 might be a down year as it will be lacking the infamous Village People, who brought the latest dance moves, tone-deaf singing, and stylish good looks for the past two years.

4) Treks – How many times in your life are you going to get the chance to spend a month cruising around the Himalayas or chilling with elephants in Africa? The next time you’ll see this much vacation is when you retire, so use it wisely.

5) Section Olympics – At some point between the twinkie eating contest, the dodgeball match, and the egg toss I stopped myself and realized I was at the top business school in the world.

December 13, 2004
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