News In Brief:

RC Students Speak at Grafton without Ever Making Eye Contact
(Grafton) RC students Tucker Scott and Brian McPhee never made eye contact last Thursday night at Grafton as they spoke at length about their summer job dilemmas. “I’m thinking about going to this sweet Hedge Fund where I’ll make a ton of money. But then I ask myself – should I really be turning down Goldman?” said Scott as he looked around the bar to see if there was someone better to talk to. “I know what you mean,” said McPhee while he keep looking at his watch and the door to figure out when his buddies from Section O were gonna show up. “I’ve got this amazing job lined up with this Real Estate PE shop. But then Microsoft keeps begging me to come to work for them.” The conversation ended quickly when Scott just walked away without saying goodbye to go hit on that hot chick in Section N. McPhee did not feel slighted at all. “I was about to do the same thing.”

Alumna Refers Back to Class Notes to Make Difficult Business Decision
(New York) Faced with a difficult bonus decision for global operations of International Sources Management, a management company for international sources, HBS alumna Mary Lawrence decided to refer back to her class notes from the Rudi Gassner LEAD case for guidance. “I’m so glad I kept all my HBS cases and notes,” said Lawrence as she scanned twenty three-inch binders for her LEAD file. “I remember Margaret Bloom made such a killer comment in that class. I’m pretty sure I wrote it down on the inside back cover of the case.” Once Lawrence found the case and the legendary Bloom comment, she marched into the packed conference room and said “This is what we’re gonna do.” Lawrence then read Bloom’s comment verbatim.

Student Pretends Not to See Professor at Shad
(Shad) RC student Rich Cartwright pretended not to notice BGIE professor Morgan Edwards as they worked out in Shad last Thursday night, even though Edwards was three feet away from Cartwright for more than thirty minutes. “Rich was on the last recumbent bike and Morgan was on one of the two upright bikes that look like they belong in a Spinning class. There is no way he didn’t see her,” said Megan Chernow, who witnessed the whole incident from the nearby Stairmaster. “It was so obvious that Rich was trying to avoid her. First, he wouldn’t take his eyes off the console that tells you your RPMs and your time. He looked at it for twenty minutes straight. And then he finished at 43 minutes even though he had set a course for 60. And when he got off the bike, he didn’t even bother to wipe it down – just walked right out the door. No one ever does that at Shad unless there’s a good reason.” Chernow speculates that Cartwright may have steered clear of Edwards because he was embarrassed he skipped his 1:10pm BGIE class that afternoon and emailed Edwards that he “was really sick and wouldn’t be able to make it to class.”