Neglected International Student Forced to Speak in BGIE

(Aldrich 304) Following eight months of relative obscurity in the ranks of Section X, international student Juanita Perez was suddenly given the floor in last week’s BGIE class. “While I realize that Juanita was only about four years old when the Mexican debt crisis occurred, I thought I’d give her the chance to speak on behalf of the 73 million people living in the country at the time, and tell us what was going through their minds,” gushed the professor, who has heretofore ignored Perez’s raised hand in almost every class. “In order to give her a chance to fully express her thoughts on all socio-political ramifications of the Mexican crisis, I thought I’d give her the last 20 minutes of the class to speak. Juanita, over to you!”
Perez, who had not read the case and who is from Bolivia, not Mexico, decided to seize the golden opportunity and filled the entire 20 minutes with confidently-delivered b.s. “I figured that if I spoke with authority, and thickened up my accent a little, no one would know the difference,” admitted Perez, “Most of what I was saying was a combination of what I vaguely remember from high school history class and a ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ episode I saw once. It was great though; no one questioned a single thing I said, even though I’m pretty sure that the Mexican Finance Minister did not, in fact, jump around shooting guns in the air while yelling ‘­Andale! ­Andale!’ to the guys from the IMF. Oh well. At least I got in. For once.”

May 3, 2004
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