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The stated goal of the Student Association is “to cater to the needs of the student body in order to make your time here as rewarding and enjoyable as possible”. Next Tuesday, the Class of 2005 will elect the officers who will seek to fulfill this mission in the year ahead. Have you decided who will get your vote? Here, in their own words, the candidates share why they are running and what they hope to accomplish if elected.

Co-President Candidates

1. Jeffrey Liaw (NA) and Les Williams (NC)
We love HBS.
In the past seven months, we have learned more than we’d ever thought possible about business and leadership. We have made countless friends that we will keep for a lifetime. We have studied with you, played sports, partied, bickered, worried, gossiped, and laughed with you-and it has been the best experience of our lives. It would be a privilege to serve the HBS community.

In the spirit of Kaizen, there’s room for improvement.

We recognize many ways in which HBS can better meet the needs of the student body – academically, professionally, and socially. Some of our ideas are big (integrate the housing lottery process, mandate two “free” days for interviews), and some of them are small (encourage greater social connections with the Boston graduate community, build individual study corrals in Spangler to free up study rooms for groups). But more importantly, we recognize that your ideas are even better than ours.

We’ve heard powerful suggestions about career services, campus security, exchange programs, Aldrich toilet paper, and so on. Our aspiration is that the defining characteristic of our co-presidency is that we actively listen to you (and we don’t mean Javapolls).

We can bring positive change to HBS.

We have been good friends since a Gallatin laundry-room conversation last August. We are strikingly different people-INTJ/ENFP, Asian-American/African-American, trim/fat-yet we work well with each other, and our styles are natural complements in group interactions. We freely laugh at ourselves and each other. We think our enthusiasm and willingness to do the dirty work will be infectious. We can effectively lead the Senate process and turn your ideas into reality.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, March 2nd. We’d also love to see you at our Meet and Greet on Monday from noon-1pm at the Grill. Thanks.

2. Jeff Dvorett (NC) and Joseph Tesvic (NC)

Joseph and Jeff are FUSION! – creating a better, more integrated HBS.
Policy 1: FUSION! will improve coordination at HBS and across the entire university.

YOUR career: You want to leave Boston early during recruiting season – so there will be no more three case days at the end of the week.

YOUR experience: You want to feel part of the broader Harvard community – so we will publish a weekly, integrated calendar of Harvard events.

Policy 2: FUSION! will improve the culture and facilities of our campus.
YOUR stomach: You get frustrated dining on campus – so we will extend the operating hours and food selection.

YOUR fun: You want a regular Friday socializing ritual – so we will bring back frequent TGIFs, especially outdoors in the Spring and Fall.
Policy 3: FUSION! will promote safety on-campus and in general.

YOUR safety: You worry about the lighting on the footbridge – so we will ensure it is always properly lit (how many Presidents does it take to change a light bulb?).

YOUR convenience: You are not served well enough by the shuttle program – so we will hold an outreach program, and extend services if necessary.

In addition, FUSION! will listen to you and be accessible at all times.
YOUR feedback: You will have comments, complaints and suggestions – so we undertake to reply to every message on the day we receive it.

Joseph Tesvic is an international student from The Outback, Australia. His experience in serving others includes: Volunteer Rep at HBS, Sports Editor of the Harbus, Treasurer at Sydney University, Board Member for several nonprofits.

Jeff Dvorett hails from New York City, NY. His experience in serving others includes: Section Social Team, Inter-School Coordinator of the Real Estate Club, Volunteer Consultant for a Boston nonprofit, Senator at Northwestern University.

For more, see:

3. John Bayliss (NI) and Bryan Morgan (NF)
As Senators, we have built a solid relationship with the administration through our leadership roles in the SA including: Operations committee and the Harvard Grad Council, Student Services committee, and SA Ventures. We have led or been a part of several initiatives that you, the student body, have requested.

o Cable in the dorms

o Removing the filter from outgoing / incoming e-mail

o Making prescription refills available in Cumnock (coming in March)

o Streamlining the process to introduce new clubs

o Representing the views of HBS in the recent graduate discussion with President Summers

So why run for Co-President? Because there is work left to be done…

o Loaner laptops should be available for the poor students who wake up one morning to face the “blue screen of death”

o People need to feel secure when walking to Cambridge at night

o More study space is needed with Baker down for one more year

o Getting to Logan from SFP shouldn’t result in another loan from Citibank

o And what about 15 straight days of three case days? No one should have to suffer through that.

These are just a few of the issues that affect HBS students. And there will be more that come up as we make our way into our EC year. John and Bryan can hit the ground running, having worked closely with the current SA Presidents and the Senate. We are committed to representing the views of the students, all students, to ensure when we graduate from HBS, we can do so with no lingering doubts about why Harvard Business School is simply the Best B-School Available – the students!!!

Please Remember to vote on Tuesday March 2nd – John Bayliss and Bryan Morgan “The Experienced Team for Practical Change”

4. Yusuf Capar (NJ) and Felipe Longo (NJ)
Do you remember that cold afternoon when you received HBS’s acceptance letter? Do you remember the excitement, the exhilaration… I bet you had great expectations (I know I had). Different people expected different things: learn finance, party every night or maybe find a husband or wife…doesn’t matter, just look around and tell me how are those plans coming true? Stop for a second and remember. We are here to make your dreams a reality.

Don’t waste your valuable time filling out polls and giving feedback every other day. Everybody says they want to include and involve you in their decision making process. Let’s face it. What that means is they are outsourcing implementation. You all had dreams and goals when you came here. Did it include filling all the feedback polls and complaining all the time? So, now, vote for us and relax a little. Live your dreams. We will implement all the necessary ideas because we are doers.

Chief Financial Officer

1. Ivan Moller (NI)
My first objective is to ensure an increase in the revenue side through a review of the strategy and activities in the HBS Ventures. I will actively contribute to the restoration of the organization to profitability. This assignment will not just be the priority of the COO, but also be an important agenda item for the Senate and/or the Executive Committee.

On the expenditure side, I will focus on ensuring that the consolidated budget is financially responsible and in compliance with the wishes of the student body. Furthermore, I will push for initiatives that make the actions and results of the Student Association more transparant to the students, especially from the CFO perspective make sure that students have access to the sources and uses of the funds that are being administrated by the SA. Vote for me! I’m the o
bvious choice – and the only choice.

March 1, 2004
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