Editor's Welcome: The American Perspective

When I first told my family that I would be editing the A&E section for the Harbus, they laughed. And this wasn’t the scoffing laugh of futility that they gave me when I applied to HBS or the skeptical laugh of disbelief when I told them that I was accepted – this was a different laugh, a vicious laugh, a laugh reminiscent of the time I asked Britney Spears to marry me. It seemed to echo, “YOU?”

But my family had a point (although I think I’d have better chances now with Ms. Spears if I had a six-pack, an Elvis impersonator and access to a small chapel in Vegas). The A&E section should provide you, the reader, with a wide selection of reviews and recommendations covering movies, music, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, musicals, opera, poetry, and the latest art exhibits. The editor of such a section should have, in a word, culture. However, as my family and some of you who know me can testify, I have no culture. None. Zip. Zero. I grew up in Templeton, CA, population 2,990, a small hick town with one stoplight and two freeway exits, where the only dance club was the monthly square dancing at the Legion Hall and the only exhibit passing as art was how creative the local kids got when toilet papering the loser kid’s house (yes, it was difficult to cleanup each morning).

This means that I need YOUR help! If you discover some great event and want to encourage everyone to attend, or if you have watched some horrible movie (like Timeline, for instance) and want to warn people before seeing it, please feel free to write up your experience and send it in. Mike Wharfe (co-editor) and I will do our best to provide you with a section that presents the best of Boston, so that you will know exactly how to spend that one/hour of extra free time you have each month. Enjoy, and we hope to see a number of you involved this year.

January 12, 2004
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