Editorial: No Envy

Dear ECs:
This may be the first week of our RC existence that we don’t envy you.
For the last eight months, we’ve respected your position above us in the HBS food chain. We’ve shelled out $20 – $50 each to join your clubs and to support your resume padding. We’ve looked to you for career counseling – begging you for job leads, industry contacts, and general advice – and we’ve sought your advice on courses. We’ve accepted without question that it was our job to envy your position.
This week, the tables will turn.

You’ve probably realized that this blissful, two-year escape from reality is coming to an end. You now have to think about your permanent careers, moving, and paying mortgages. We are off to summer internships where “getting to know the firm” will be as big a part of our experience as any real work we will do, and where planning our post-internship trips may consume the last two weeks of our twelve in the workplace.

Your spring break has come to an end, our week of debauchery has just begun. We have taken over the leadership of your clubs, and we have met the admits who next year will become our minions. From here on out, we will be eagerly assuming your roles, while you will be forced to relinquish control and say goodbyes.

So enjoy this week that you have all to yourselves, without having to confront our exuberance. And take heart in the fact that you will be missed.

In fact, it won’t be long before your absence makes our hearts grow fonder. Next year, though you may be out of sight, as soon as recruiting begins (I believe classes begin September 8th, expect our calls September 7th), you will be back in our minds. We’ve downloaded (or memorized) your classcards and resumes to be sure that we can find you in the future, and we’ll be back to our old habits of appealing to you for introductions, expertise, and advice.

At least for a short while next fall, we will envy you again. And then we will accept our offers, finish our first term, and leave for our three weeks in Brazil.

Anne Ristau
Editor In Chief