Basketball: HBS Pounds Sloan 73-62

It was another great week for the Harvard Business School – a famous alumni was given a contract extension by 60 million people, Warren Buffett came to campus to talk about how he had a long position in our futures, EC’s were receiving more job offers than they could possibly keep track of, and most importantly, the HBS hoops team put Sloan back in their pocket protector place, remaining undefeated in the Semi-Annual HBS-Sloan Basketball Classic. Although advertised as a means to bring about greater interaction, understanding, and friendship between the two powerhouse b-schools, this game was actually just another thinly veiled excuse for twenty overly-competitive males to come together to talk trash, hit each other, and then have a reason to drink beer.

The game itself once again lived up to its ‘Semi-Annual Classic’ billing, with Sloan playing tough the entire game. Particularly helpful to Sloan was the massive crowd that cheered their every play, heckling the HBS team at every opportunity(“You don’t know your Black-Scholes from your Binomial Option Valuation Model!”), and flashing signs to encourage their team to proudly represent their school (“HBS might have George Bush…..but Sloan has Kofi Annan!!!”). Except for the familiar feel of Shad, the game felt like it was played at Sloan due to the raucous crowd and ridiculously poor refereeing. Sloan went to the foul line more times in this game then in any other game in the history of Sloan-HBS Basketball Classics, which fortunately for them, kept them in the game despite being down by almost 30 in the third quarter. Taking advantage of this was ex-UVA / and European professional standout Colin Ducharme, who led Sloan with 22 points, 7-footer Josh Grover who added in 12, and Jed Finn who finished with eleven points.

Despite the crowd and the refs, the HBS team once again overcame a size and crowd disadvantage to remain undefeated. With exceptional defense played by John Kirkowski, Eli Cohen, and Chris Chang, and outstanding offense contributions from Dave Tompkins, who led the team with 16 points, Brian Laibow with 15, and Chase Chavin adding fourteen. The team was also emotionally led by spirited second-year Scott Schweitzer, who coached and played despite a broken collar bone. Also contributing to the win were devoted fans such as Emily Anadu and Ryan Perry who were in attendance despite the fact that the Red Sox were playing the final game of the World Series that same evening. And our fearless scorekeepers, John Harper and Forrest Wester who both meticulously tracked points and fouls.

For those of you who missed the first game in this Semi-Annual Classic – and judging by last game’s attendance that includes most of you – don’t worry! You have another chance to see your HBS hoop stars in action next spring when MIT hosts the game across the river. We will see you there!

November 22, 2004
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