Absentee Study-Group Member Takes Credit for Honors

Last week’s announcement of first-year honors recipients provided many students with opportunities to heartily congratulate their classmates and friends. It also provided opportunities for non-honors recipients to try and hog credit they clearly don’t deserve.

“Hey, did you know that Rob Vasco got first-year honors?” casually asked Margaret Herst, “Well, did you also know that he was in my study-group last year? Yep! That’s right! Now…I don’t wanna brag or anything, but let’s just say that he received some priceless information from me on a number of key cases last year.”

Herst, who only attended study-group twice a week during the first semester and twice a semester during the second semester, is apparently telling the truth.

“If by ‘priceless’ she means the same thing as ‘worthless’, then she’s absolutely right!” exclaimed Vasco, “The only write-ups she ever did were for MKT, and they were for companies everyone knows about anyway, so whoop-dee-doo, no big insights there. Her ‘company background’ section once consisted of the words, ‘Corona tastes good with burgers and fries’.

At least that one had words: one of her write-ups was actually nothing more than a page of doodles of the new VW Beetle. And of some flowers and butterflies.”

Vasco’s critiques do not deter Herst however, who plans to mention her study-group affiliation with him to everyone she knows, as well as to various recruiters later in the year.

September 13, 2004
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