Women's Basketball: RC make youth tell

Team A won its second game of the season in a fierce match-up against Team D. Team A, comprised of women from sections NF and NJ, moved to an early lead with good rebounds by Heidi Bryson and Katie Spayde.

Great shooting by Katie McNerney and Alice Prager led Team A to a 19 – 7 advantage at half-time. Despite this initial set back, the second-year Team D players started the second half with a strong defense and solid shooting. Nic Longfield and Raquelle Thigpen took control of the boards, while Amanda Krantz and Jennifer Henzel provided smart offense.

Despite the 7-man rotating players in D, Team A’s 5-players displayed great stamina and some well coordinated moves to maintain their lead through the second half. Good runs by Jannike Aase and great rebounds from the whole team, led A to win 39-21.