What I Did This Summer From Section OI

Since the title proposed for this section of the Harbus is actually written for the coolest section of the class of 2004 (I of course), we thought we would share with you what went on this summer. So, take a guess who we are talking about, because this summer, I…

* Got married under the sun of the Swedish archipelago …but waited 1 hour alone in the aisle – for the priest, who was late (Thibaut Large)

* was planning my wedding when the
lights went out…and returned two days later, just in time for the ceremony! (Hughey Newsome)

* got married…with no major problems to report! (Scott Cullerton)

* watched Halle Berry almost mow down an old lady in her SUV on La Brea and….went night swimming and had beers with next door neighbor Fiona Apple. (Jen Wong)

* met Marisa Tomei…while she did striptease for Al Pacino live in New York City (Soo Chuen Tan)

* Played third wheel to a honeymooning couple…as they waited for the sunrise atop Mt. Haleakala in Hawaii (Soo Chuen Tan)

* posed with the CEO of the Fortune 500 company I was working for…and was actually excited about it (James Nadauld)

* requested a meeting with the president of Congo…that actually happened (Younes Zemmouri)

* appeared live on CNN…(in the background while visiting their office in London, but no one needs to know this little detail) (Dmitry Alimov)

* got an internship in non-profit…and sold tons of Raja condoms in Pakistan (Adrian Blair)

* proposed on the score screens of Fenway Park Stadium…while it was empty (Henry Wilde)

And last, but not least,

* went to work for a Salsa company…and became CEO (Derek Lewis, we wish you all the best. The whole class will miss you at our next Burden guest speaker event!)

September 15, 2003
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