They Said What

Chuck Whitten (NB) [cutting himself off in the middle of a comment in BGIE upon noticing he’d been speaking for a couple of minutes]: “…I can’t stop myself…”

Dwight Angelini (NB) [explaining in EM how having an HBS degree may change how others perceive you] : “I was stranded in New York late one night and needed to get back to Boston, so I paid a cab driver $200 to get me back. Well, for thirty minutes the cab driver kept telling me what a genius I am because I go to HBS.”

Professor Gilbert:M “Yeah, it’s amazing. Give a guy $200 and he’ll tell you anything.”

Suzanne Michaels (NB) [after Dwight’s comment]: “I agree and I think a lot of people think that because we’re at HBS we’re different. Actually, I was talking to one of my friends at my ski house in Tahoe and…”

Professor Ananth Raman (Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains) [Referring to Wayne Vacek (OE), when many Jewish students were absent for Passover] :

“Wayne is not with us today because he converted to Judaism for a day.”
Raman [a day after a few students were absent from class for Passover]: “Stephen, did you have a good time golfing yesterday?”

Stephen Thomas (OI): “Yeah. Brad was in the car, too.”
Raman: “Brad, did Stephen golf well yesterday?”

Brad Mendelson (OI): “He did pull it together in the last few holes.”

Raman: “OK, well we do think about who to cold call rather carefully, you know. So Stephen I’d like you to start us off today.”
[Stephen conducts a thorough analysis of the case on Arrow Electronics]

Raman: “Good job, Stephen. Did you read the case before or after

Thomas: “After golf and after the Red Sox game. It was a full day.”
[at the end of class] Steven Kaufman (CEO of Arrow at the time of the case): “Stephen, good job on the opener, and since you’re clearly a Red Sox fan, here are two tickets for tonight’s game.”

Raman: “The difference between a software salesman and a used car salesman is that the used car salesman knows he’s lying.”

Professor Morten Hansen [in General Management Processes and Actions class on a change effort by the CEO of HBS Publishing]: “Steve, what do you think about the pace?”

Steve Gassen (OG): “I think maybe it was probably approximately correct.”

April 28, 2003
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